Re: mc sets process group differently from shell; forgets to close fd# 3

This reminds me of one odd behavior. When i debug a graphical program, outputting lots of debugging messaged under gdb and start it directly under bash, it works fine. But if I start it from mc (i.e. the shell in mc which I get after Ctrl-O), the gdb is stopped to background as soon as I run my program in it and it emits its first debugging message to the console (i.e. instantly). When I use "fg" to revive gdb, program continues till next debugging message in which gdb says the program received SIGTTOU - each command of "continue" will them move to next SIGTTOU (next debugging message).

Maybe it is related to this one?

Martin Petricek

# mc
# bash
bash-3.2# kill -KILL $$
[1]+  Stopped                 mc
# _

See? mc is backgrounded!

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