Re: Bug in mc

On Sat, 7 Apr 2007, achyzh ncsu edu wrote:

On Thu, 5 Apr 2007, achyzh ncsu edu wrote:

Hi there!
Suse 10.1, konsole, either bash or csh, 4 tabs in konsole. At the 1st
mc works fine, I can use F3 and F4. At the 4th tab, mc glukes, F3 and F4
don't work out, as well as F1. What might be the trick? Any settings in

This doesn't sound to be related to MC. Anyway, I tried on Ubuntu Dapper
and I had no problems using those keys. Unless you could provide further
details or proof that this is a MC bug you have to direct your request
to Suse's bug reporting facility.

I played with the konsole settings in KDE, this concerns to the keyboard
scheme, different at different tabs, my fault. At the xterm scheme, mc
works fine; but at the linux default scheme of konsole, mc does not listen
F3-F6 keys. So, it's a problem neither mc, nor suse, it's just the konsole

Ok. I'll try to see what's the problem with those settings.

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