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  • [Glade-users] Glade, DevHelp and PyGTK, Juan Pablo Daniel
  • [Glade-users] Accelerator Property on the Custom Tab, dhk
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  • [Glade-users] Building menu systems, Yan Seiner
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  • [Glade-users] Bogus error message, Gerald Britton
  • [Glade-users] reparenting a GtkDrawingArea with OpenGl, Jeff Eberl
  • [Glade-users] glade.py:128: GtkWarning: gtk_button_box_set_child_secondary: assertion `child->parent == GTK_WIDGET (widget)' failed, Gerald Britton
  • [Glade-users] Choose a GtkTreeModel in this project, Drew Vogel
  • [Glade-users] Trees locking up, Scott Flynn
  • [Glade-users] (mandriva, ruby, eclipse) I can't use a GUI created by glade 3, lolveley
  • [Glade-users] notebook tabs, Chris Bare
  • [Glade-users] Problem with GtkNotebook, KHOA NGUYEN
  • [Glade-users] Glade 3.6.0 Released, dhk
  • [Glade-users] Problems with newer version of Glade, Thomas Klose
  • [Glade-users] Accelerators with glade-generated menus, Thomas Klose
  • [Glade-users] User Manual/Documentation, Andre "Osku" Schmidt
  • [Glade-users] How to use "user_data" in glade3?, donglongchao
  • [Glade-users] Difference rendering with widget copied from libglade to Gtk.Builder, Gerald Britton
  • [Glade-users] Apparent bug in glade-3 with copy and paste, Gerald Britton
  • [Glade-users] Button only receiving input after leaving & re-entering button, RNG
  • [Glade-users] glade 3.6.3 and cellrenderercombo in a treeview, daniel
  • [Glade-users] Help with accelerator keys, Jonathan Lane
  • [Glade-users] Glade 3.6.3 binaries for Windows, Marco Bonifazi
  • [Glade-users] Two textviews in a same scrolledwindow, n3t
  • [Glade-users] custom handlers in libglade and gtk builder, Gerald Britton

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