[Glade-users] notebook tabs

Really ? does the Glade file get saved with no tabs ? that could be a
GtkBuilder bug...

Well, I deleted the labels that showed up in the tree view, but empty tabs
were still showing up. After I posted this, I discovered that you can add and
delete pages in the right-click menu.

For my particular application the contents of each tab is just going to be the
same scrolled text box, so it was convenient to create that in glade.

In that case you should create a template for that notebook page to load
from GtkBuilder, you might prefer to keep the template in a separate file
since gtk_builder_add_from_file() currently wont pull in object references in
the same file when cherry picking objects (i.e. it will only build the
object and its children).

I also noticed that I got an error when I tried to add pages that all referred
to the same widget as their contents. It did seem to work, however.

Is there some other way to use the same body widget and just use the tabs to
tell your program what to display there? I don't really need to create 10
different text widgets, do I?
Chris Bare
chris at bareflix.com

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