[Glade-users] Accelerators with glade-generated menus


I'm using Glade 3.4.5 to create a user interface, including a menu. The
ui itself is created/used by a program running in Mono 2.0, using Gtk#

Everything works great but I don't get the menu shortcuts to work.
Standard shortcuts are visible in the menu if I use stock items. For
example Ctlr-S for "gtk-save". However, this shortcuts don't work.

Since the program has to be platform independent and should also run
with .net, I use the class Gtk.Window (Toplevel) for the main window (no
Gnome stuff). If I would create a menu manually, I'd have to add an
accelerator group to make shortcuts work, using

So are my questions: How do I get the accelerator group, Glade is using
internally to build the menu? Where can I find information about using
accelerators with Glade?

I could also use a global key sniffer or implement the menu manually.
But I would rather do it with Glade :)

Thanks, Thomas

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