[Glade-users] glade 3.6.3 and cellrenderercombo in a treeview

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 4:18 PM, daniel <drmartens at gnu.univ.gda.pl> wrote:

Now, I can create a tree model and bind it with a tree view using glade
only, but is it possible to bind another model to a combo in a column of
the said tree view? Because the 'Model' property of such combobox allows
me to only choose a column from the tree model.
Sure, I can set this cellrenderercombo 'model' property in the code and
it works, but I was wondering, if it could be done in glade itself, as
it is done with treeview model etc.

You should be able to check/uncheck the little box saying
whether you are assigning this property directly or
by attribute in the model, this should allow you to set
a common model for your cellrenderercombo, or even
let you set a row sensitive model for the cellrenderercombo.

Thanks! Of course, your're right.
For whatever reason I didn't think about unchecking this box or even
hover over and read the tooltip....
It seemed very awkward for me, that all the properties are assigned by
attribute in the model, but now it makes perfect sense, because it's
only a default behaviour.

This new version of glade is quite amazing.


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