[Glade-users] Problems with newer version of Glade


I am working at a small software project, using Glade to define the user
interface. Everything was great until I updated my operating system
(Ubuntu) from 8.10 (Intrepid) to 9.04 (Jaunty).

Now I have problems with the newer version of Glade (3.6.1) which is
included in Jaunty. Intrepid includes version 3.4.5. I can open the xml
file, but my user interface is barely recognizable: notepads are broken,
widgets have wrong properties...

However, when I load the xml file in my application, the ui looks fine.
How is this possible?

I also tried to compile the old version 3.4.5 in Jaunty. The result is
even worse: I can load the xml file but the ui is only garbage. So I had
to install Intrepid in a virtual machine to edit my glade files. :(

Is there a way to migrate projects to the new version? Is this a bug? It
was my understanding that the glade xml format is future proof.

Thanks and regards, Thomas

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