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On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com> wrote:
This is not strictly a glade question, but I am using glade and I need
some ideas on how best to proceed.

Well Im not reading a question here, Id just have to agree
with you, if your dataset could be in the 10,000s and over
then your menus should be built on the fly (i.e. each submenu
built when the parent menu item is activated).

And you wouldnt really want to use glade for that, unless you
had some kind of fancy menuitem template you want to be
able to edit.


I am dealing with a geographic data set that comes in chunks; users can
install it in pieces. ?The dataset consists of 'features', single points
of interest. ?I also have lookup tables for these features based on their
political locations. ?I am trying to put all this into a menu system.

The goal is to have a menu system which starts out in by Country. ?Under
Country, there are those features in that country, and also the States or
Cities which have features.

So for example (this reflects my current data organization):

Feature ABC -> USA|Arizona|Phoenix
Feature DEF -> USA|Arizona
Feature XYZ -> Germany
Feature KLM -> Czech Republic|Prague
Feature PQR -> Canada|Quebec

The menu system would be

USA ? ? ? ? ? ? Arizona - DEF
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Phoenix - ABC
Germany ? ? ? ? XYZ
Czech Republic ?Prague ? ? KLM
Canada ? ? ? ? ?Quebec ? ? PQR

I am struggling with building these sorts of dynamic menus. ?Some features
are keyed only to the Country, some to Country and State/Region, some to
Country, State/Region and City, and some to Country and City.

The whole menu system has to be generated on the fly as the user can add
or delete feature datasets. ?The dataset can be huge; a full installation
has over 25,000 features, so some sort of nested system is necessary.

I can't help but think someone has done something like this and that I am
reinventing the wheel.


Yan Seiner, PE

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