[Glade-users] Problem with GtkNotebook


My application using several GtkWindow and a lot of widgets in each window. It works very well. I'd like to 
change this UI by creating a GtkNotebook and by moving all widget of each GtkWindow to a page of this 
GtkNotebook. After this, my application has only one GtkWindow and one GtkNotebook child with several pages. 
But I have some problems in this new UI using GtkNotebook:
Sometimes, the size of some widgets in use becomes incomprehensibly very wide and it is impossible to recover 
it. In the same way, some widgets in use take the default color from gtkrc although it is well initialized at 
the launching of the application with functions like gtk_widget_modify_bg?
I do not know if this problem is a limit of widget number in a GtkNotebook page of gtk / glade. In my 
application under gtk-2.10.14 and glade-3_3.4.1, there are less than one hundred widgets in each page.

Thank you in advance and best regards

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