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  • After upgrade to RedHat 7.0, gnumeric no longer works., Steve Cohen
  • Gnumeric release 0.63, Jody Goldberg
  • Matrices and Arrays, Sebastian Canagaratna
  • gnumeric-0.61 range.c bug ?, Etsushi Kato
  • CVS compile failure, libole2 not detected, Zach Frey
  • Python check, Karl Eichwalder
  • GNUMERIC 0.63 will be out in the next couple of days, Jody Goldberg
  • Gnumeric 0.62, Jody Goldberg
  • Compile errors., Phillip J Shelton
  • Change negative number (9999), parkeral
  • Message consistency, Karl Eichwalder
  • Changing text format with a formula, Diego Sevilla Ruiz (dsevilla um es)
  • Gnumeric/Bonobo menu underlines..., Morten Welinder
  • Translation not shown: Document Summary Information, Karl Eichwalder
  • gnumeric/plugins/lotus-123/Makefile.am, Karl Eichwalder
  • printing bugs and small patch, Kjetil Torgrim Homme
  • gnumeric/po/README.tools out-of-date, Karl Eichwalder
  • CVS compile error, Phillip J Shelton
  • Missing full stops, Karl Eichwalder
  • American spellings preferred, Karl Eichwalder
  • Small string change request, Karl Eichwalder
  • Small string fix, Karl Eichwalder
  • Missing keyboard accel?, Karl Eichwalder
  • workbook-control-gui.c - small i18n issue, Karl Eichwalder
  • compile error, Phillip J Shelton
  • gnumeric: Note to translators, Karl Eichwalder
  • Typo in autocorrect.glade?, Karl Eichwalder
  • 'make distcheck' failure with latest CVS, Zach Frey
  • Re: gnumeric bug in HTML export: '&' not escaped, Ian_Stewart
  • Gnumeric Gone Greek, Colin Wills
  • Gnumeric preparing to release, Jody Goldberg
  • Random numbers, Phillip J Shelton
  • Re: info, Jody Goldberg
  • Re: AccrInt, Jody Goldberg
  • Re: CORBA/omniORB and python, Miguel de Icaza

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