CVS compile error

This is the last little bit of the output for ./configure

creating plugins/perl/Makefile
creating plugins/perl/ext/Makefile.PL
creating plugins/guile/Makefile
creating plugins/xbase/Makefile
creating plugins/html/Makefile
creating plugins/dif/Makefile
creating plugins/xml2/Makefile
creating plugins/applix/Makefile
creating plugins/plan-perfect/Makefile
creating plugins/gda/Makefile
creating intl/Makefile
sed: can't read ./intl/ No such file or directory
creating po/
creating templates/Makefile
creating templates/english/Makefile
creating templates/autoformat/Makefile
creating macros/Makefile
creating gnumeric.desktop
creating stamp.h
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged


        Source code location:   .
        Compiler:               gcc

        Bonobo Support:         no
        GB Support:             no

[gnumeric frodo gnumeric]$

Why is the intl directory missing a

Just before I ran configure I had done a

cvs -z3 update -dP gnumeric


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