Re: Matrices and Arrays

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 04:25:17PM -0500, Sebastian Canagaratna wrote:

   I am having problems with somethings which work in Excel but
   do not seem to be working in gnumeric. I am using Debian 2.2
   with gnumeric 0.56.

   I define two columnn B_1 and C_1. I then select a column the
   same size and type =SUM(B_1,C_1) CTRl-SHIFT-ENTer. This works
   OK in excel but does not work in gnumeric. I am of course
   expecting  the elements B_1(i)+C_1(i). Similarly if I type
   =SUM(C_1^2) and cntrl-shift-enter, this works in excel, giving the
   sum of the squares of the elements of C_1. This does not work
   in gnumeric. Is it that this functionality is still not available
   or am I doing something wrong?

Sadly we do not support this yet.  In its infinite wisdom MS Excel (tm) 
uses 'array expressions' in two ways.

1) To allow a single function to return a matrix of results     (supported)
2) To provide an implicit iteration over like sized arguments   (unsupported)

I hope to add it eventually but other things have taken priority.
Please file an enhancement bug report as a reminder.


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