Re: Missing keyboard accel?

Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com> writes:

msgid "Recalculate"
msgstr "Neu be_rechnen"

Okay, I tracked down the problem.  There are no free characters left one
can use as a keyboard shortcut.  Does GTK+ allow duplicates?

The same seems valid for "Search and replace" ;-(

There is no '_' in the menu label because there is an explicit
accelerator, <F9>.  There should not be an underscore in the

Don't take me wrong but I like to disagree.  There's a difference
between a keyboard shortcut (F9 or Ctl+Q) and a keyboard accelerator
(the underline '_').  The underline character should be mandatory for
_every_ menu entry.  Shortcuts are optional.  (I hope I did get the term

 Search and Replace will need one.  Possibly renamed to '_Find and
Replace' ?

I'd prefer "Search" (cf. Emacs); maybe, this isn't an argument.
Netscape uses "Find".

These are the sorts of translations that really require reading the
source or running the application.  It is unwieldy to list all other
items in the same menu in a comment for each item.

Yes, don't worry.  It isn't possible to comment every piece of code.
Regular tests are needed and with the time we'll be able to shake all
bugs out!

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