After upgrade to RedHat 7.0, gnumeric no longer works.

I recently upgraded a RedHat 6.2 system to 7.0. Upgrade was done via FTPing all the RPMS as described by RedHat at Followed by running the upgrade function of the redhat installer. The upgrade was to all appearances successful. No error messages appeared.

However, when I attempt to start gnumeric now, I get a screen telling me the following
"Gnumeric failed to find a suitable default font.
Please verify your gnome-print installation and that your fontmap file (typically located in /usr/local/share/fonts/fontmap) is not empty or near-empty.

If you still have no luck, please file a proper bug report (see including the following extra items:

1. values of LC_ALL and LANG enviroment variables.
2. Your fontmap file (see above).

Thanks - the Gnumeric team"
On pressing the OK button Gnumeric exits.

Before I file a bug report (by the way, the "bug" URL mentioned above fails to load anything, but it seems it's now called Bugzilla) I want to understand a little more.

a. I have no idea how to "verify my gnome-print installation". What does this mean? b. There seems to be no file named fontmap anywhere on my system. My system has no /usr/local/share/fonts directory but it does have a /usr/share/fonts directory and this file has no file named fontmap. This would seem to be a problem but I don't know what a fontmap file should contain and if this is where it should be. Can anyone enlighten me on how this should look in RedHat 7.0?
c. I have no LC_ALL environment variable.
d. LANG = en_US

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? All other GNOME graphical applications seem to work, such as GXEdit, GIMP, gnotepad, gedit, Calendar, VIM, etc.

Also running the RPM Verify function over gnumeric-0.54-4.i386.rpm (the RPM that came with the install) tells me that everything is in order, but obviously, it isn't.

Steve Cohen

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