gnumeric-0.61 range.c bug ?

Package: gnumeric
Version: 0.61

I use gnumeric-0.61 on ix86 linux and linux/ppc.  It doen't crash on
ix86, but on ppc it crashs when doing Edit->Paste
Special...->Transpose with message 

** ERROR **: file ranges.c: line 1168 (range_transpose): assertion
failed: (range_valid (&range))

If I change range.c like following gnumeric doesn't crash on ppc.

diff -uNr gnumeric-0.61.orig/src/ranges.c gnumeric-0.61/src/ranges.c
--- gnumeric-0.61.orig/src/ranges.c     Mon Dec 18 10:31:06 2000
+++ gnumeric-0.61/src/ranges.c  Tue Feb 20 02:45:41 2001
@@ -1165,7 +1165,7 @@
                range->end.row = t;
-       g_assert (range_valid (&range));
+       g_assert (range_valid (range));
        return clipped;

Sorry if this is already corrected on 0.62.  But I can't find 0.62 yet
on mirror site today...

Etsushi Kato
ekato ees hokudai ac jp

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