Re: Gnumeric/Bonobo menu underlines...

On Fri, 2001-02-16 at 19:24:05, Karl Eichwalder wrote:

You should also avoid assigning underscores to letters like "y" or "g".

Using a german keyboard, I don't see problems.  BTW, I'm using US
keyboards but LANG=de_DE ;)

That's not a problem with my keyboard, all Poles use US keyboards nowadays.
We use Alt+<letter> combinations to get non-latin letters (that's what we
call Polish "programmer's keyboard").
If you try to underline letters like "y", you'll (usually) end up with a
menu item bigger than others in the menu and it's really ugly. We're trying
to avoid this in Polish translations but it won't be possible if bonobo
starts assigning shortcuts automatically.


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