Re: CVS compile error

What sort of magic.  When I try to run xml-i18-update it will only work
in gnumeric/po

What is the intl directory for ??


Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

[Phillip J. Shelton]

  This is the last little bit of the output for ./configure

  creating intl/Makefile
  sed: can't read ./intl/ No such file or directory
  [gnumeric frodo gnumeric]$

  Why is the intl directory missing a

It's created by xml-i18n-update (or similar magic).  Do you have it
installed?  It's in CVS alongside gnumeric, xml-i18n-tools

I rebuilt gnumeric from CVS last night, I had no problems.  I had to
type "make clean" in both gnumeric and gal, though.

Kjetil T.

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