Re: gnumeric: Note to translators

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 03:23:58AM -0000, Morten Welinder wrote:
(Who thinks we should make en_UK the primary language of Gnumeric and
make the US people set their locate to fit their dialect.)

Ukranian English? :)

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was given the
ISO two letter code "GB", because UK was found to be potentially
conflicted with the Ukraine (sp?) and Great Britain is less vague anyway.

Liz did get issued both .gb and .uk ccTLDs, but only .uk is commonly used
for public sites based in this country. I do not know who controls .gb
or for what purpose these days. The ccTLD process is not _mandated_ to
be based on ISO it just generally happens to coincide.

Anyway, Liz's English is called en_GB, although most people here will
happily read en_US without being much annoyed. *I* think we should all
be using en_US.UTF-8, which happily coincides with 7-bit ASCII.

The American's outnumber us and have no incentive to change, so we have
to accomodate them. Or move development to Europe and the East.


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