Re: Gnumeric/Bonobo menu underlines...

Morten Welinder <terra diku dk> writes:

Please do not put a huge effort into getting a consistent set of
underscores into the menus.

No, please do :)

In the long run, the underscores will have to be assigned mostly
automatically by bonobo.  "Mostly" because we will probably have
to override the automatic scheme from time to time in order to get
the underscores we want.

I'll have to wait to see the results.  It's definitively not a good idea
to assign accelerators at random.  Maybe, you're thinking the same

The reason that we cannot (and should not) do all this by hand, is
that we do not know the menu layout at compile time.  Components
(and perhaps plugins) can add their own menu entries to be merged
with our.

Static accelerators are a user friendly feature.  Please, allow
duplicates.  If there are duplicates pressing the same keycombo should
move forward and the action should take place once the user hits Enter.
That's much, much better the changing accelerators.

At least, please make the "feature" a configuration option ;)

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