Gnumeric release 0.63

Gnumeric 0.63 aka 'its just a flesh wound' is now available.  This one should
be quite stable.  It has been kicked around alot.  Two crashes were fixed and
lots of little things were tidied.

* New features
        * Enable indent from left and right                     (Jody)
        * Persist sheet prefs                                   (Jody)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Fix linear regression crash.                          (Morten)
        * Fix border drawing crash at boundaries                (Jody, Almer)

        * Fix parenthesis for MS Excel (tm) export.             (Jody)
        * Fix drawing of multi-line autocompletion in item-edit (Jon Kåre)
        * Fix col/row header drawing bug                        (Morten)
        * Improve multi-view menu state update                  (Jody, Almer)
        * Fix merge-cell backgrounds                            (Jody)
        * Context sensitive menu items depending on selection   (Almer) 
        * Improve style allocation for merged cells             (Jody, Almer)
        * Fix range highlighting on other sheets                (Jody, Morten)
        * Update spec file                                      (John Gotts)
        * Improve undo descriptions of format actions           (Jody)
        * Adjust cursor when cols/rows are hidden               (Almer)
        * Selection changes when moving merged cells            (Jody)
        * Improve heuristic for naming imported files           (Jon Kåre)
        * Fix interaction between display zero and show formula (Jody)

* Translations

        * Updated: de (Karl), ja (Yukihiro Nakai), pl (Zbigniew),
          no (kmarass),
          Track some inconsistent translations for no (Jody)

* Availability

NOTE : Please do not package or submit bug reports for gnumeric-bonobo.  Bonobo
       has been frozen for GNOME 1.4 but has not yet become part of the
       official platform.  It is fairly stable but not yet the default build.

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