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On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 01:15:03PM -0600, David Gomez wrote:
Hi, i want to upgrade Gnumeric 0.52 to 0.61. I have the
gnumeric-0.61.tar.gz file in my /home directory. Where can i get the
instructions for this procedure?

I am a new user of GNU/Linux.

Inside the tar.gz file there is a file 'README' which contains an
overview of what other packages and versions are required to

If you are unfamiliar with developing with the GNU/Linux framework I
would recommend AGAINST trying to update all of the requirements
yourself.  It is possible, but would require a fair amount of
technical expertise before you could get to what you can update
Gnumeric.  A better starting point would probably be to use a set of
pre-compiled packages.  Depending on which distribution of Linux you
are using you could probably download some from the distribution
home or from

Good Luck

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