Re: gnumeric: Note to translators

Morten Welinder <terra diku dk> writes:

We have two choices:

Whatever will be it will be ... wrong ;)

1. The old word-by-word translation scheme.  The translations will
   never become good.  "Mean" could become "heisst", "Durchschnitt",
   "gemein", and probably a zillion other things -- you need context
   to decice.

Put a comment at every occurence?  Yes, I know the will clutter the code
with "crap".

2. The new block-by-block.  Your typing finger will ache, but at least
   you get the possibility of correct translations.

Okay, I'll take the burden.  Another implication: doing it this way the
all or nothing rule applies.  If the translator doesn't know the
translation of _all_ words at the same time, the translation has to stay
fuzzy; thus it might occur that fewer translations are visible to the

(Who thinks we should make en_UK the primary language of Gnumeric and
make the US people set their locate to fit their dialect.)

This would be a nice experiment (a little bit confusing, though...).
Lately, Erik Naggum wrote some notes on the use of English and why it's
better to stick with the American way: British spellings are obfuscate
for no good (my words from memory).

If you want the source code spelled British provide a proper README
file; and don't forget to spell check all function and variable names ;)

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