Gnumeric/Bonobo menu underlines...

Please do not put a huge effort into getting a consistent set of
underscores into the menus.  In the long run, that effort would
be wasted.

In the long run, the underscores will have to be assigned mostly
automatically by bonobo.  "Mostly" because we will probably have
to override the automatic scheme from time to time in order to get
the underscores we want.

The reason that we cannot (and should not) do all this by hand, is
that we do not know the menu layout at compile time.  Components
(and perhaps plugins) can add their own menu entries to be merged
with our.

My plan was to attach an "autounderline" property to menus in the
xml file.  When set, bonobo would set underlines as needed, while
still keeping explicit ones.  (To keep users sane, the underlines
should probably stay in the same spot, even if other menu entries
are later removed.)

Currently this is stranded between lack of time and low priority.
Michael Meeks knows about it, but would -- of course -- prefer
someone else to do...


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