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  • What version of CORBA ORBit to use? Trying to get perl client to talk to BEA Tuxedo 8.0 server..., Dave Maltz
  • Re: linc_set_threaded, Katherine Goude
  • [Fwd: Client *and* server?], Katherine Goude
  • [Fwd: linc_set_threaded] - can anyone else help?, Katherine Goude
  • orbit2 core, Shmyrev
  • ORBIT-WARNING **: No POA found for operation, Yves De Muyter
  • JDK 1.4 ORB <-> ORBit, Michael Dingler
  • Client *and* server?, Katherine Goude
  • Mem- leak with object factory (ORBit2), Mr C . A . Beazley
  • Re: orbit-idl-2 ... Anyone?, Jan Vittrup Hansen
  • compile failure, Havoc Pennington
  • tcp_wrappers support, Jeremy Sanders
  • Re:Where is popt?, Oliver Granert
  • compile ORBit 0.5.17 on Solaris 9., Brad Walker
  • PortableServer_POA_activate_object_with_id, Marion Schuenemann
  • Multi threading support in ORBIT?, Pieter Winter
  • orbit-idl-2 generating declarations without definitions?, Murray Cumming
  • namespace keyword in header, Murray Cumming
  • Can orbit handle rmic generated idls?, Eric Methorst
  • libbonobomm, Felix Breuer
  • heads up on 84897 and dependencies, Bill Haneman
  • heads-up on ORBit2 behavior under load, Bill Haneman
  • ["carl m. trotto jr." <ctrotto trotto com>] Re: gconfd ?, Havoc Pennington
  • Re: "orbit-<username>" dir in /tmp, Michael Meeks
  • linc-0.5.0, libIDL-0.8.0, ORBit2-2.4.0, bonobo-activation-1.0,libbonobo[ui]-2.0.0, Michael Meeks
  • GLib-CRITICAL error, Katherine Goude
  • ORBit 0.5.16 patch for typecode IDs (was Re: Started a test suite - got a typecode error.), Huw Rogers
  • Orbit2 Naming Service, Prashant Arole
  • Where to get ORBIT2, Evan Carew
  • Re: Orbit2 Problem to RUN on REMOTE machine, Michael Meeks
  • ORBIT2 ORBIIOPIPv4 Problem, Prashant Arole
  • ORBit2-2.3.108 IOR Problem, Prashant Arole

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