Re: "orbit-<username>" dir in /tmp

Hi Elliot,

On Fri, 2002-06-07 at 12:02, Elliot Lee wrote:
> The real problem is that some OS's don't permit UNIX domain sockets with 
> paths on NFS.


> Dick put a patch in bugzilla a while ago to use the non-filesystem
> namespace for ORBit - this solves the problem in question as well as the
> problem of those pesky UDS files lying around. This patch (and parallell
> changes to linc) really really really must go in.

	I'd be interested in what bug number the patch is. But as I said to
Dick before the problem is that the non-filesystem namespace is linux
only - and thus effectively a non-fix, if not a source of more problems
for non-linux users.

	Sigh; so it seems using $(HOME) is no good, so we get to scan all the
files in /tmp multiple times at startup - to avoid evil race-conditions.



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