Re: orbit-idl-2 generating declarations without definitions?

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 12:13, Sam Couter wrote:
> Murray Cumming <> wrote:
> > When merging the cpp branch from HEAD, I noticed that several functions
> > are declared in include/orbit/orb-core/corba-defs.h but are not defined
> > anywhere. For instance, CORBA_TypeCode_length().
> This function and several others are in
> src/orb/orb-core/corba-typecode.c in the "orbit-ccp-cactus" branch. They
> used to be on the cpp branch as well, but it looks like they may have
> been lost during a previous merge from HEAD. Shit happens, that's why we
> use CVS.

Yes, I seem to have wiped them out from cpp and orbit-cpp-catus. For

When merging from HEAD I tend to just copy over every .c and .h file,
assuming that we wouldn't have changed any C files. Manually resolving
any conflicts takes too long.

Do you have a patch for this that I can reapply?

Murray Cumming

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