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  • FYI --- OMG Technology Adoptions, dahaverk
  • Non-typedef'd arrays in IDL files, ERDI Gergo
  • [orbit-cpp-cactus] Status report, ERDI Gergo
  • Multi-host orbit, Rick Walker
  • C++ mapping of OUT variable-length structures, ERDI Gergo
  • Seg fault in PortableServer_POA_activate_object function, Katherine Goude
  • Compiling problems, Katherine Goude
  • easy way to help out with orbit-cpp-cactus, ERDI Gergo
  • [orbit-cpp-cactus] exceptions containing objects and arrays work, ERDI Gergo
  • perl CORBA::ORBit modules, Sjoerd Lawende
  • linc, ORBit2, bonobo-activation, libbonobo[ui], Michael Meeks
  • How expensive is a stub duplicate/release pair?, ERDI Gergo
  • orbit-tools package, Frank Rehberger
  • [orbit-cpp-cactus] Status report 16/04/02 (fwd), ERDI Gergo
  • Any better example?, Anders Selander
  • [orbit-cpp-cactus] Status report 16/04/02, ERDI Gergo
  • Various releases ..., Michael Meeks
  • orb.idl problem, Joel Gales
  • ORBit-2 server Mem leak with object factory, Mr C . A . Beazley
  • evil bug in orbit-small.c's fixedness-checking code, ERDI Gergo
  • Does ORBit place any constraints on the IIOP?, Anders Selander
  • automatic main and implenmentation generation, NOUSHI Reda
  • Can I get more documents and examples related to the ORBit2?, =?ks_c_5601-1987?b?v8DB1r/r?=
  • Interoperability with Visibroker arrays inside structs passing, Sergiu Gavrila
  • Recursive types in IDL, Sergiu Gavrila
  • Re: linc 0.1.20 fails to build on irix 6.5 (sgi platform), Mark McLoughlin
  • Do ORBIT CORBA use GIOP1.0 or GIOP1.1 ?, =?ks_c_5601-1987?b?v8DB1r/r?=
  • Re: Perl-ORBit client just hangs when accessing an object from a Java server, Anders Selander
  • Newbie to ORBit2 threading, Mr C . A . Beazley
  • Re: help needed with array out arguments, Michael Meeks
  • re: ORBit 0.5.8 Cross-Compile problems..., Michael Meeks
  • Re: Using own mainloop, Michael Meeks

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