[orbit-cpp-cactus] Status report

[Did you notice how, if you're a C-only hacker, you can conveniently
filter out my orbit-cpp-cactus status messages by moving
^Subject:.*\[orbit-cpp-cactus\] messages to /dev/null?]

The basic status of the orbit-cpp-cactus branch is that the following
types all work, have been tested, can be used in arrays or structures, can
be members of exceptions and can be used as object attributes:

	Simple (i.e. Long, Octet, etc.)

I believe the memory managment scheme and the general API of these types 
to be conformant with the CORBA/C++ spec. As for Any support, I haven't
looked into it, but some of these generate <<=/>>= operators so maybe even
that works. 

So, I think the branch is in a very good shape now. The only thing missing
are sequences and unions, plus making sure there's no regression in the
Any support.

I have 11 separate test cases, but they're in a big mess. It'd be great if
someone volunteered to clean them up and make them work inside the ORBit
source tree: drop me a mail if you're interested and I'll send you a
tarball of them.


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