Does ORBit place any constraints on the IIOP?


I have learned some more since and 

I eventually got a Java-server and a Perl-client working, the Java in
question being jdk1.2, residing on a Solaris-machine on my old university.

Comparing the IOR:s of the simple example produced with jdk1.2, 1.3.1, and
1.4.0, I realised that they all use different revisions of IIOP -
jdk1.2 uses IIOP1.0, 1.3.1 uses 1.1, and 1.4.0 IIOP 1.2. What does 
CORBA::ORBIT handle? I thougth ORBit at least worked with IIOP 1.0 and 

If I switch on IPv6 in ~/.orbitrc, the client Seg-faults on the
corba object of jdk1.3.1 and 1.4.0. If I switch off IPv6, the client
just hangs when accessing the object, until one interrupts the server,
then the client immediatelt exits with:

selander@aioli:~/src/perl/$ ./ 
Exception: CORBA::COMM_FAILURE ('')
   Communication failure

OK, but the client works fine when the server uses jdk1.2 on my old
university. What if I try with jdk1.2.2 on my office computer?

Then I get the following error:

selander@aioli:~/src//perl/$ ./ 
Exception: CORBA::UNKNOWN ('')
   The unknown exception


Any input appreciated.

Regards /Selander, a bit lost

Anders Selander   Centre for Parallel Computers
Programmer        Royal Institute of Technology   +46 (0)8  790 72 11
                  SE-100 44  STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN    +46 (0)70 266 29 67

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