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  • No method description displayed, David Boesner
  • =?UTF-8?B?RGlkIEdUSysgaGFkIGFuIGVtYmVkZGVkIHZlcnNpb24/?=, =?UTF-8?B?5YCq5ZaE6LaF?=
  • doubt about GFileMonitor, Marcelo Elias Del Valle
  • item factory menu parents, Steve .
  • How to get rid of "recently used" entry in file chooser, Clemens Eisserer
  • App on MAC - and Pango, richard boaz
  • Re: MinGW versus GTK libintl.dll.a building GTK in Windows, Dieter Verfaillie
  • minimum software requirements.., Anthony Mayan
  • GTK+ 3.3.4 released, Matthias Clasen
  • GLib 2.31.2, Ryan Lortie
  • gtk_menu_popup () and GtkMenuPositionFunc (), Steve .
  • gio, GSocketService, and connection hangup, Dov Grobgeld
  • GTK+ on Mac OS X status, Gour
  • GtkOverlay problem after reparent in to GtkOffscreenWindow, Denis Linvinus
  • Can't use lpr in printing, Fabrice DELENTE
  • GtkHScale: Jump-to-position by left-click instead of middle-click?, Phong Cao
  • Focus behaviour on widget derived from a gtkentry, Geert Janssens
  • popup/down menus for a GtkButton with leave-notify-event and leave-enter-event, Aaron Lewis
  • help, Grahame Newell
  • Gtk+ 2.24.8 on win32 GtkTextView or GtkNoteBook BUG, jun louis
  • GTK+ 2.24.8, Alexander Larsson
  • Re: Is GTK+ 3.x 2x slower than GTK+ 2.x?, =?UTF-8?Q?Javier_Jard=C3=B3n?=
  • [no subject], Rui Cheang
  • [no subject], Rui Cheang
  • gnome-vfs-async-job-map compile error Mac osX, =?GB2312?B?sc+6o7PJ?=
  • How can i get a set of buttons with context menus , work like a GtkMenu ?, Aaron Lewis
  • gdk_window_ensure_native woes, Marin Bek
  • [no subject], Rui Cheang
  • Change in FileChooser behavior, Tilton, James C. (GSFC-6063)
  • GTK+ Question, Paul Jordan
  • error building gtk 2.24.7 under mingw/msys, Andrea Zagli
  • Cannot build a complete environment with jhbuildrc, Glus Xof
  • libffi problems when compiling glib-2.31.0, Jonathan Greenberg

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