gtk_menu_popup () and GtkMenuPositionFunc ()

I'm having trouble manually positioning a popup menu.

Looking at the prototype of gtk_menu_popup ():
And here is GtkMenuPositionFunc ():

I see there  is a position function (arg4 of gtk_menu_popup) and data to be passed to the position function (arg5 of gtk_menu_popup)
I cant seem to get the menu to position using a function, so then i tried to manually place the menu by modifying the event data, and this still did not work. The only example i found on this matter was in Syd logons book, but it did not help.

My last resort was to try this;

Somehow gtk_menu_popup is fetching the cursor position,  internal access i suppose.

Obviously I don't understand how the menu is suppose to be positioned and i'm having a difficult time finding information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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