Re: GTK+ on Mac OS X status

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 4:34 AM, Lothar Scholz <llothar web de> wrote:

> Come on and stop talking bullshit. You now exactly that this is not
> true. A 1st class citizen toolkit has to use the Cocoa widgets and
> this will never happen for GTK.

you have some very specific definition of "1st class citizen".

the pro-audio application world is dominated by applications that do
NOT use apple toolkits for their GUIs. other than Logic, which apple
owns, most of them create a single GL area (some actually just use
NSView), and then use their own toolkit (or one they've licensed from
a 3rd party) to do the drawing. this includes protools, live, digital
performer and more. so are these apps not "1st class citizens"? the
thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of creative
professional and amateur users of them would be suprised to hear this.

> NSWindow. And remember that since 10.5 most Apperance Manager
> functions are declared obsolete (by the way the same this is also true
> for Vista/Windows7).

actually, this is not the case. apple have not issued a clear
statement on the future of a significant part of the HI* library that
remains non-Carbon. As of late last year, they told people at a
developer conference that its future was not decided.

>The new business model is to lock the people
> into their look and feel because on the technical level the OS systems
> are almost the same.

This is utterly laughable. If you knew anything about the way that
time, audio and video are handled on OS X, Windows and Linux, you
couldn't possibly make this comment.

> And for any commerical application you will see that soon there is no
> way to use GTK+ anymore on this systems. Apples App Store will became
> so important that you have to obey the rules that you must use the

I have no doubt that any App Store for OS X will become hugely
important. But that doesn't mean it will be only way people install
apps. Apple took some very smart steps to make installation extremely
easy because of their "bundle" implementation, so there is really no
equivalent required to the kind of install wizard that dominated
windows for so long. You just fetch a DMG (or even  a .bz2) in the
browser, it unpacks in the browser, the user puts it somewhere. Done.

Or is that just too geeky for you?

> It very much depends on your competition, customer base and
> application domain. But it's stupid from a business/money making point
> to use GTK+ on anything else then Linux. And no i don't count Pauls
> donation ware project as GTK.

WTF? So what do you think it is then?

> So for Gour i stay with my advise to use WxWidget and select a

WxWidgets has some distinct advantages, and some very distinct
disadvantages. Which ones are more important depends a lot on the
needs of the application.

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