GTK+ on Mac OS X status


Some months ago I was considering to use D + QtD for writing
multi-platform desktop application being that if we want to target Mac
OS, then Qt looks better.

However, seeing that D's ecosystem was not quite mature, we explored
idea to use C(P)thon along with PyQt/PySide. (Since we have need for 3rd
party C library licensed as GPL2+, we are not so concerned about PyQt
vs. PySide).

In the meantime we were busy with other (web) stuff and yesterday went
checking what's the status of D's ecosystem with the intention to
re-consider doing our project in D.

We found out that gtkD might be stable enough, but we wonder what is the
status of GTK+ port on Mac OS?

I understand that GTK+ on Windows might be good-enough, we'd develop
using Linux but have no idea about Mac OS X and its different

So, how is the project of having 'native' GTK+ on going on and is it on
par with the Qt?

Personally, we prefer GTK+ over Qt, running GTK-based desktop (Xfce),
but cannot (due to different reasons) to sacrifice look & behaviour of
the application on Mac OS X platform.

Any hint?


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