Re: Change in FileChooser behavior

On Fri, 2011-11-04 at 15:47 -0500, Tilton, James C. (GSFC-6063) wrote:
> Hello List,

> I recently upgraded GTK+ version 2.24.7 and discovered that the
> behavior of the FileChooser has changed. This change makes FileChooser
> very inconvenient to use.

Could you 'CC me on this, as I too am finding the new behaviour
infuriating, and have received lots of complaints about it from users of
the software I develop.

gEDA CAD tools are very often started from the command line, and rely on
the current working directory to pick up project config etc. This means
we change the current working directory the location containing the
user's current design.

Users have been quite frustrated to find the file chooser doesn't
default to CWD any more. I can see that for applications started from a
GUI, they might not set a sensible CWD for the file-chooser to look in,
but in our case - we do.

I believe there will be an easy workaround, such as forcing the
file-chooser to start in the desired directory from inside my program,
but I would prefer to avoid doing this if possible - as it could cause
inconsistencies in behaviour with the rest of the desktop.

Is there a global option somewhere to switch back to the old behaviour?

Could anyone point me at the commit which changed the behaviour, or a
thread where this feature was discussed. I'm curious to know the
rationale behind it before I start trying to hack around it. It might be
that other bugs or incomplete features are making the file-chooser less
usable, and that this change was part of a grander plan to make things

Best wishes,

Peter Clifton <pcjc2 cam ac uk>

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