Re: RES: minimum software requirements..

23.11.2011 15:41, Marcelo Elias Del Valle - SYSMAP SOLUTIONS - Claro MA-SP - пишет:
It runs on tablets and phones too, so you can imagine that system
requirements are generally not a problem.
What do you mean by without gui installed?
Sorry, but could you please tell me a bit more about that? Any link to some doc I should already have read is fine too.
I didn't know Gtk runs on phone and tablets already, but the system requirements are not clear to me. Do I need to run Windows and X on the phone to do that? I know Gtk can run natively on Nokia Symbian, but I guess I can't run Gtk programs on iOS or Android nowadays, right?

Gtk+ is used in Maemo (, environment on Nokia N810, N900 devices.

        Igor Gorbounov

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