gio, GSocketService, and connection hangup

I'm working on a jsonrpc server interface for glib and gio. I based my interaction with gio on the gio/tests/echo-server.c example and everything is working fine as long as the handler() - the function connected to by the "run" signal - is sending back the response to client.

But I got stuck on how to implement an asynchronous scenario where I don't want the handler to write the answer back to the socket, but I would like the handler exit without writing a reply and have another routine send back the answer. A use case would be a gui application that receives a request to prompt the user to do some interaction and then returns the choosen action in the response. In such a case I would like to hand over the socket connection from the handle to another function through and whenever the reply it should be written to the connection.

Unfortunately this scenario does not work with handler(). It appears that the socket connection is destroyed on the exit of the handler() function. Is there any way of preventing this? Or is there another more low level interface to gio that I can use instead?

(I wrote something similar several years ago with gnet and it worked much better as the gnet client never closes the socket implicitely, so I had no problem passing the connection aronud before I replied to the socket.)


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