popup/down menus for a GtkButton with leave-notify-event and leave-enter-event

	I'm trying to use a GtkBox with a set of GtkButtons , to simulate a

	So i juxtapose those buttons , adding context menus to each of them
	Connect "leave-notify-event" and "enter-notify-event" to the
	following functions , passing a GtkMenu as user_data , but those
	events shoot too fast , and menu won't show up.

/* CODE */
gboolean on_button_leave   (GtkWidget *widget,
		GdkEvent  *event,
		gpointer   user_data) 
	g_debug ("## BUTTON LEAVE");

gboolean on_button_enter   (GtkWidget *widget,
		GdkEvent  *event,
		gpointer   user_data) 
	g_debug ("## BUTTON ENTER");
	// POPUP MENU when menu is in open mode

Any solutions ? Thanks !

Best Regards,
Aaron Lewis - PGP: 0xDFE6C29E ( http://pgp.mit.edu/ )
Finger Print: 9482 448F C7C3 896C 1DFE 7DD3 2492 A7D0 DFE6 C29E

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