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Hello everyone,

        It's the first message I write to this list and before I say anything, I would like to apologize if my message is too off topic. If that happens, please tell me and I won't write about it again. However, as I saw the discussion about GTK+ and applications on App Store, I became very interested.
        I really like Gtk+ and its related libraries, mainly glib. Although I use it to write open source software, I like so much its design (I am free to do things the way I think it's better and I can use any language I want) and I like the idea of using Gtk+ to write commercial applications too.
        That's why I became so excited when I first saw these links:
        It seems Canonical, the enterprise responsible for Ubuntu support, is creating an application store similar to Steam, Apple Store, Android Market, Windows Market Place and several others. I liked it a lot, because I could write commercial applications using the same libs I use when I write free software, joining (in my opinion) the best of the two worlds. I hope someone releases some official linux distro for tablets someday, I would like to have in tablets world the same freedom I have to choose the operating system I want to run, as I have in my PC.
        So I started to have ideas about it, and here it's my doubt: would it be possible (an viable) to write an application in Gtk+, focusing on this Ubuntu Store, but being able to deploy the same application to other stores like apple and android?
        As Gtk+ is *extremely* portable and runs already on a variety of systems, I like the idea of creating a wrapper to cocoa touch (Apple) and Google NDK. I think it wouldn't be so hard to do, as there is already a windows port... I am guessing some basic functions would need to be ported to use these native SDKs to create each port...
        My second doubt is if would be something too hard to do. If it's something a mere mortal Gtk+ user like me is able to do without studying Gtk code for two years, I may be willing to contribute, if desirable...

Marcelo Valle.

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On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 07:53:21 -0500
Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> wrote:

> I have no doubt that any App Store for OS X will become hugely
> important. But that doesn't mean it will be only way people install
> apps. Apple took some very smart steps to make installation extremely
> easy because of their "bundle" implementation, so there is really no
> equivalent required to the kind of install wizard that dominated
> windows for so long. You just fetch a DMG (or even  a .bz2) in the
> browser, it unpacks in the browser, the user puts it somewhere. Done.

Thank you for it...I'm really ignorant how does installing apps work on Mac OS X.

> WxWidgets has some distinct advantages, and some very distinct
> disadvantages. Which ones are more important depends a lot on the
> needs of the application.

Would you mind to explore some of them for the benefit of user(s) needing to decide about the right toolkit?


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