GtkOverlay problem after reparent in to GtkOffscreenWindow

Hi, all!
I'm use GtkOffscreenWindow as tmp container, while animating window.
This is my object hierarchy:

----------------GtkVBox - main container
--------------------------------------------GtkNotebook as main object in GtkOverlay
--------------------------------------------GtkButton as overlay object


After reparent GtkVBox in to GtkOffscreenWindow, all widgets working well (GtkNoteBook/Vte too), except overlay object, button don't drawn after reparent,
even if reparent back to GtkWindow,
until call


after that button drawing again.

This is my video with this problem

I don't know is it GtkOffscreenWindow problem, or GtkOverlay (but think that it is GtkOverlay problem)
If i just show/hide GtkWindow, then button drawing without problems.

My system:
Ubuntu 11.10 amd64
libgtk-3-0     3.2.0-0ubuntu3
valac-0.14   0.14.0-0ubuntu1

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