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I recently upgraded GTK+ version 2.24.7 and discovered that the behavior of the FileChooser has changed. This change makes FileChooser very inconvenient to use.


Previously, the file selection dialog would automatically show the files in the current working directory.

Now, the file selection dialog automatically lists “Recently Used” files, and there is no option to select the current working directory.


Apparently I am setting up my FileChooser incorrectly. How to I set up FileChooser so that it provides me with an option to look in the current working directory?


I see that there is a member function “add_shortcut_folder” that I could use to add the current working directory as a shortcut folder (but then I would have to mess around with C’s getcwd() function). But I didn’t need to explicitly  set the current previously. Is it a requirement that I explicitly set it now?  If so, why was this change made?


It seems this should be a simple thing. What am I missing?




Jim Tilton


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