How can i get a set of buttons with context menus , work like a GtkMenu ?


	Suppose i got a set of buttons , juxtaposed inside a box , and each
	of them have a menu.

	Now i wanted them to act like a GtkMenu , when you click on one of
	the buttons , menu pops up , and you move your mouse to another one
	, previous menu pops down and the new menu shows up.

	Is that possible ?

	I tried to use "button-enter-event" and "button-leave-event" , but
	too much events occured at once

	Thanks !

Best Regards,
Aaron Lewis - PGP: 0xDFE6C29E ( )
Finger Print: 9482 448F C7C3 896C 1DFE 7DD3 2492 A7D0 DFE6 C29E

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