Re: GTK+ on Mac OS X status

On 11/21/2011 03:24 AM, Gour wrote:
> Hmm...what would you say then about Qt on Mac?

I've used it and it's as close to native as you can get without actually
using Cocoa and Objective C.  I am sure Qt experts on the Qt forums and
mailing lists can answer your questions better than anyone on this list.
 And it's not as alien as Lothar makes it out to be.  If you program in
behaviors correctly and make your app function as a Mac user expects,
end users (average users) will not be able to tell it's a Qt app.

The behavior thing applies to GTK too.  Mac apps follow certain
conventions and you need to make sure you adapt to them.  One item is
dialog box button order (which GTK automatically does).  Other
conventions include the behavior of a text box when you click on it
(should select the text, place the cursor at the end), or how the dialog
box does a default action when you press ENTER.

> Do you consider wxWdgets better option for Mac than Qt?

Absolutely not.  wxWidgets is good, but Qt is much more advanced than
wxWidgets from a programmer's point of view.

Whether you use GTK or Qt, I see no reason to avoid C++.  I can
understand reluctance to build in C (there is Vala of course).  Python
is a good choice.  If you do want to build a project that is open source
and actually could have some community behind it, D is probably not the
best language to pick.

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