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  • Email Research Results, Christer Edwards
  • HIDS for GNOME Servers was: Re: brute force ssh attempt mitigation, Jeff Schroeder
  • Upcoming Sysadmin Projects, Paul Cutler
  • brute force ssh attempt mitigation, Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 513623] Kannada, India (kn_IN) not in Mango Translation list and co-ordinator svn account blocked, sysadmin
  • proposed postfix changes, Christer Edwards
  • signatures on release tarballs?, Brian Gough
  • [Bug 614232] New: Request to creation of grilo-list mailing list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 614188] New: tracker-list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 614166] New: please remove dulmandakh gmail com from sysadmin, sysadmin
  • [Bug 614124] New: mailman mail gnome org does not exists, sysadmin
  • [Bug 613933] New: mail to mailman gnome org bouncing., sysadmin
  • Bugzilla upgrade statistics, Sumana Harihareswara
  • [Bug 613831] New: Automating the paypal donations & gift process & CiviCRM, sysadmin
  • [Bug 613737] png/svg image previews in cgit, sysadmin
  • [Bug 613746] New: Please rename jester to j5tester, sysadmin
  • REPEAT REQUEST, IP adress guadec.org changed / new A record on register.guadec.org, Koen Martens
  • Bugzilla sysadmin product + security access, Olav Vitters
  • [Bug 613310] New: Copy gitadmin-bin scripts to sysadmin-bin/git (with history), sysadmin
  • Re: Mailing list request for Grilo, Paul Cutler
  • guadec.org moved to different ip, Koen Martens
  • Re: Pulling the plug, Olav Vitters
  • [Bug 613033] New: Setup new master.gnome.org, sysadmin
  • [Bug 613023] New: Setup new master.gnome.org, sysadmin
  • Issue with creation of an account (invalid username?), =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Andr=E9s_G=2E_Aragoneses=22?=
  • [Bug 612865] New: Git new repository for a new project (TBO), sysadmin
  • Re: Please remove Gnome-i18n-devel-list, Olav Vitters
  • Fwd: automating Friends of GNOME names on website, Stormy Peters
  • Welcome to our new Sysadmins, Paul Cutler
  • Let's talk about deploying Snowy, aka Tomboy Online, Sandy Armstrong
  • Upgraded jabber.gnome.org (Openfire) from 3.6.2 to 3.6.4, Olav Vitters
  • [Bug 592836] SSL certificate for jabber.gnome.org invalid, clients cannot connect, sysadmin
  • angry process on window, Kurt von Finck
  • [Bug 586627] pt_BR locale on planet server, sysadmin

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