Re: Mailing list request for Grilo

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 12:04:45PM +0200, Iago Toral wrote:
> > if the doap is correct Mango should show options for above modules. Do
> > not select anything else if those modules aren't there (which to be is
> > very obvious, but some people do not seem to understand that)
> I am not very familiar with Mango but if I understand well the procedure
> described in I should be able to get my
> password in Mango by running "ssh -l itoral mango" and
> then log in and see Juan's request for an account (when he requests it)
> and accept it, is that correct?
> I tried that ssh command for obtaining my mango password but it fails
> with:
> /home/admin/bin/run-mango-special-cmd: line 9: /var/local/mango/itoral:
> Permiso denegado (Spanish for permission denied)
> I checked the doap files and I see Juan created them with him as
> co-maintainer (for grilo and grilo-plugins) and the only maintainer (for


I said *create a correct doap file*

The syntax is wrong. Please see e.g.

Meaning more <maintainer> stuff

> rygel-grilo), but since he has no account yet I guess this could have
> prevented the mango maintainers script from doing its thing. 

Sorry, if he has no account, why is there:


in it?!?

> Should I remove him from the doap files and add myself as maintainer of
> rygel-grilo?

Just fix the syntax. It'll ignore non-existing usernames.


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