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On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 8:01 AM, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that Christer and Ray have joined the team, I wanted to kick off a
> discussion about what projects we should be looking at to improve the
> GNOME infrastructure.
> I've gone back and reviewed the mailing lists and the Sysadmin component
> in Bugzilla.  This list isn't meant to be complete but a starting point
> for us to talk about.  Sorry about the length of this email.
> As far as existing projects, Alexandro is wrapping up the Git hooks for
> Damned Lies and hopes to be done this week and Jeff has made a lot of
> progress on getting CivicCRM installed for Stormy and the marketing
> team.  Ray has offered (or been volunteered) to work with the Tomboy /
> Snowy team on deploying Snowy long term.
> Servers:
> Jeff has wanted to install a VPN for the current servers - I'll let him
> talk about that as I don't know the details.

All of the servers in the redhat datacenter have a private backnet. We
constantly have problems with ldap updates for servers in the
canonical facility (hello which a backnet would
help with. It would allow 1 configuration for more and more of the
servers vs crazy firewall rules and tunnels and nonstandard things. I
owe owen a "plan of action" document to send to redhat IS for them to
approve before we really move forward with this.

> The first thing is - what do we want to do with Combobox?
> We have a couple open bugs to move some infrastructure to it's own VM:
> Combobox
> ∘ What VMs should live on Combobox?
> ∘ (bgo 613033)
> ∘ Snowy
> ∘ (bgo 609717) (Jeff would like to see this as an Ubuntu
> VM)

Jeff being Jeff Waugh aka jdub  :)

> ∘ Old servers / out of contract
> As far as the last bullet, once we know what we want on Combobox, we
> need to review the other servers as a number of them are out of their
> support contract.  There has been some discussion with the Board that
> once we have this figured out we can make a recommendation if we need
> new hardware.
> Email:
> Christer has kicked off a discussion this week on the mailing list about
> possible spam solutions.  We also have two open bugs:
> • Discard moderator group bulk mail (bgo 396134)
> • Moderator group admin page (bgo 396137)
> Git:  We have a number of open bugs.  Is anyone on the team comfortable
> to volunteer as the go to person for Git issues?
> • Wrong advice when failing to rebase a git tree (579596)
> • NewRepository wiki page missing instructions from scratch (bgo 590096)
> • Should reject commits from the future (591345)
> • Prevent creation of branches with '/' in name (bgo 598982)
> • Remove git repos (607791 and 607793)
> Server Maintenance:  I believe there has been some discussion that we
> need to finalize the Puppet setup (correct me if I'm wrong).  Last fall
> Owen also added a number of issues that were in the back of his head
> about things we should finish:
> • Version control and mock builds for custom packages (592094)

The mock setup needs to be documented a bit better. Since I set it up
(on container) this probably lands in my lap.

> • Version control for DNS zone files (bgo 592015)
> • Firewall configuration for Puppet (592018)
> • puppet client daemon not working on puppet (bgo 592018)
> • rpm forge.repos on menubar, window and button (bgo 592022, 592023,
> 592066)
> • Automatic updates on extra repos (bgo 592073)
> • Procedure: RHN account,new kernels and long term monitor (bgo 592037,
> 592074, 592077, 592079, 592088)
> • Fix mysql logging 606668
> Lastly, the Board and the Marketing team have a few requests:
> GNOME Marketing & GNOME Board
> • CivicCRM:
> ∘ Test install (bgo 606984): Jeff
> ∘ Apply file extension patch (606981)

These are both me.

> ∘ Automate Paypal donations / GNUCash / CivicCRM (613831)
> ∘ Backup CivicCRM files: 606983
> ∘ Lime Survey installation: 609855
> The Paypal automation (bgo 613831) has additional information in
> Bugzilla - on behalf of the Board, I'd like to make this a high priority
> - manually importing the data is a labor intensive task and if there is
> anything we can do to help with the automation the help would be
> appreciated.
> What have I missed?  Let's talk about next steps and if there is a task
> above you know well and can jump right in with or something you want to
> learn more about now is the time!
> Thanks.
> Paul

Jeff Schroeder

Don't drink and derive, alcohol and analysis don't mix.

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