Re: proposed postfix changes

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 07:56:22AM -0600, Christer Edwards wrote:
> Is there another config other than the on menubar that you're
> referring to? I compared my setup to the settings on that machine, and
> as far as I can tell only restricts on recipient_restrictions and does
> smtpd_delay_reject = no.

smtpd_client_restrictions = sleep 1, reject_unauth_pipelining

Perhaps reject_unauth_pipelining should be added later as well though.

> That setting is just my preference, and it isn't a huge deal to switch
> it to 'yes'. I'm just unclear regarding you suggesting that it already
> filters on all of my suggestions.

See recipient_restrictions. That is where all the rejections should be
placed, just because of the various broken clients (which only check for
errors at RCPT TO stage).


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