angry process on window


28305 fpeters   17   0 27288  23m 3264 S 72.5  1.1  15:30.58

fpeters  28305 45.2  1.1  27288 23840 ?        R    12:07  15:38
python /home/users/fpeters/bin/jhbuild twoninetynine
--devhelp-dirname /home/users/fpeters/devhelp-dir/
--output /home/users/fpeters/public_html/reports/299.html --no-cache

This process is currently consuming a high CPU percentage on window.g.o
and is interfering with other services the machine provides.

Could you kill, or restart with "nice," this process, and ensure that
steps are taken to not repeat this problem?



kurt von finck

public key:
key id: 5229D26A
fingerprint: 127A A484 ADBF A5AD E7FB 8CD2 8913 18F4 5229 D26A

Music is the space between the notes. - Debussy

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