Re: Upcoming Sysadmin Projects

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 9:01 AM, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
> Servers:
> Jeff has wanted to install a VPN for the current servers - I'll let him
> talk about that as I don't know the details.

I'd like to work with Jeff on this if possible. I'd like to learn more
about VPN setup.

> Email:
> Christer has kicked off a discussion this week on the mailing list about
> possible spam solutions.  We also have two open bugs:
> • Discard moderator group bulk mail (bgo 396134)
> • Moderator group admin page (bgo 396137)

Jeff and I plan on getting into this today. We're going to start
(slowly) with troubleshooting and fixing the sa-update cron system,
and hopefully also apply postgrey. I'll have a look at those two bugs
to see what can be done about those.

> Server Maintenance:  I believe there has been some discussion that we
> need to finalize the Puppet setup (correct me if I'm wrong).  Last fall
> Owen also added a number of issues that were in the back of his head
> about things we should finish:
> • Version control and mock builds for custom packages (592094)
> • Version control for DNS zone files (bgo 592015)
> • Firewall configuration for Puppet (592018)
> • puppet client daemon not working on puppet (bgo 592018)
> • rpm forge.repos on menubar, window and button (bgo 592022, 592023,
> 592066)
> • Automatic updates on extra repos (bgo 592073)
> • Procedure: RHN account,new kernels and long term monitor (bgo 592037,
> 592074, 592077, 592079, 592088)
> • Fix mysql logging 606668

I've done quite a bit with puppet at work. I'd be happy to take a look
at what we currently have and see what I can improve / extend. I'm
sure it'll take me a little time to get familiar with everything
before I can standardize anything in puppet, but I'm more than
comfortable working on puppet manifests and publicizing them for

Christer Edwards

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