Re: Let's talk about deploying Snowy, aka Tomboy Online

On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 11:27 AM, Sandy Armstrong
<sanfordarmstrong gmail com> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'm one of the maintainers of Snowy, the AGPL Django web application
> that lets users synchronize their notes to a central server, view
> (and, eventually, edit) them online, and share them with friends.
> We have chatted on-and-off with various folks from the infrastructure
> team (Paul, Jeff, etc) and Stormy, and it seems we're all in agreement
> that Snowy would make a great test case for GNOME hosting
> user-oriented web applications.
> Snowy is far from 1.0, and lacks many features and much polish, but so
> far it has been stable and synchronization has been reliable.  We have
> been expanding our unit tests to try to validate our security model,
> and our WSGI deployment guide has been tested and verified to work:

Is there anything out of the ordinary in snowy or is this just a
standard django application?

> We think now is a great time to get Snowy deployed on GNOME servers
> for alpha testing by a few select users (who are willing to risk their
> data to Snowy and to the GNOME servers and infrastructure team).

Using your tomboy-online domain is fine by me, but you might want to
run this by the marketing teams. The only thing I'd ask is if you want
to use, let us host the dns.

> We have a really (really) rough draft of a roadmap for how we see this
> going down.  You can read it here, but please keep in mind that it is
> very much a draft:
> Also, in the Snowy product in bugzilla, I have added a Tomboy Online
> component that is intended for bugs related to the GNOME-hosted
> instance of Snowy.  This could be a good way for the Snowy team and
> the infrastructure team to collaborate on outstanding work.
> For myself, I do not have a lot of experience with deploying or
> maintaining web applications.  Brad, the other maintainer, has quite a
> bit more experience, but less free time.  We are hoping that you
> talented folks on the infrastructure team can fill this gap for us, so
> that we can all have a little more confidence in this project.

We could also pawn this off on Ray :)
I'd be happy to help him with fixing the dns and mucking with the
apache config for wsgi.

> As far as branding goes, I originally envisioned that this deployment
> be referred to as Tomboy Online, and hosted at (or
> .com; I own both domains).  If the infrastructure team or the
> foundation feel that different branding would be more appropriate, I
> am certainly open to the idea.  If there is a goal to eventually have
> several very integrated services, then I could see the benefit in
> having, for example, or something.  Anyway, at
> this early stage, we should just pick something and do it, and we can
> always change later as we learn more.  I lean towards Tomboy Online
> due to the brand recognition and the fact that Tomboy is available on
> non-GNOME platforms.
> Alright, so much for introductions.  Let's get to work.  I would love
> to put together a list of concrete tasks to get this started.  I'm
> happy to discuss the nitty gritty on this list, or in #snowy on
> GIMPNet.  We also have a snowy-list but I'm guessing deployment
> discussion is more appropriate for gnome-infrastructure-list.

Sounds good. How about you put together the list of concrete tasks and
then we can go from there?

> If we can make enough progress before May 3rd, it would be interesting
> to propose Snowy as new GNOME module (in a new web app suite) for
> GNOME 3.0.  Regardless, I intend to put Snowy on the GNOME release
> schedule starting in the 2.31 dev cycle.

Jeff Schroeder

Don't drink and derive, alcohol and analysis don't mix.

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