Issue with creation of an account (invalid username?)


May I request a bit of help here? In IRC, mneptok advised me to write to
this e-mail account about my problem registering my new Git account with

Please see below the conversation for more information. Thanks in advance.

	<knocte>	hello, I think mango (
) is not working for me, anyone who could help?
	<mneptok>	could you be more specific than "not working?"
	<knocte>	mneptok: yes, when I submit the form the word UserName is
highlighted in red, and I see a text at the top that says "Note: Please
read the following page first:";, yet
it doesn't tell me what's wrong with the username, and I've already read
that page
	<mneptok>	what are you putting as a username?
	<knocte>	I guess that the form validation code is wrong, it may be
refusing usernames with length == 10, when the rule is to be 10 as
maximum, so > 10 should be the forbidden
	<knocte>	my lastname: aragoneses
	<mneptok>	no diacriticals?
	<knocte>	mneptok: no
	<knocte>	I'm trying to look at mango's sources but I don't find the
line where it validates the username.. :/
	<mneptok>	knocte: do you have an existing GNOME account for
CVS/SVN/git, an e-mail alias, etc?
	<knocte>	mneptok: I guess not, but I have the impression that my
patches have been committed by the maintainers using the "knocte"
username, can you check if that's relevant?
	<knocte>	my email is knocte at gmail dot com
	<mneptok>	i think what is causing it then is the use of the last name
alone. we prefer something more uniquely identifiable.
	<knocte>	thing is, my lastname is already the maximum number of characters
	<knocte>	when I worked for novell, my username in the mono repo was
	<knocte>	but that is 11
	<knocte>	and that is way too ugly (two 'a' at the beginning)
	<mneptok>	right, so maybe "aaragon" or something?
	<knocte>	huh, I don't know
	<knocte>	is it really a problem to just have aragoneses? it's a pretty
uncommon lastname
	<mneptok>	not a call i'm willing to make on my own
	<knocte>	(even in my country)
	<knocte>	mneptok: who should we talk with then?
	<mneptok>	knocte: gnome-infrastructure@
	<mneptok>	knocte: but i'm not really sure this rises to the level of
needing the sysadmin team to review the request. is an alternate
username really that big of an issue?
	<knocte>	mneptok: I would definitely prefer to have less different
usernames in my head, it really helps also to be able to have your
source code/patches identified by a single username to improve googability
	<knocte>	if I cannot get "knocte" as my username, I want to definitely
try at least with my lastname

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